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Aside from the many other services DHC Communications offers, we also provide high speed fiber-optic solutions and a “local cloud” for businesses and residences based in Nelson, British Columbia. Just how high is our high speed? Scroll to the bottom of this page to see proof that our fiber-optic solutions are almost 200 percent faster than a typical ADSL connection in Nelson! 

Seeing as fiber-optic is a relatively new technology for many people and businesses, we have created a FAQ section below that could help determine whether this solution is right for you. As always, you can contact us anytime with more questions or to schedule a site survey and network assessment. We have many packages and options available and are happy to custom tailor a solution to fit your needs.


What can we currently do with fiber in Nelson?

  • Access extremely high speed, reliable internet service
  • Connect multiple business locations together for data networking, voice or other purposes
  • Centralize off-site backup services using DHC’s “local cloud”
  • Centralize server resources using DHC’s “local cloud”
  • Telecom/telephone services
  • Shared CCTV & video surveillance monitoring

Are there any connections currently in place in Nelson?

  • Yes, DHC has arranged many connections to date. It is possible to arrange site visits for testing or other purposes on request.

Who owns the fiber optic cable?

  • Fiber optic cables are owned by the City of Nelson, Columbia Basin Trust, Shaw or Telus depending on the service provided. DHC works with various fiber providers, options are evaluated to suit our customers needs. 

Why is a fiber optic connection better than other services currently available in Nelson?

  • Fiber optics is MUCH faster and by design, far more reliable.
  • The speed is synchronous, such that upload and download speed is generally identical. Typical current connections may offer 0.5 or 1.0 megabit upload speeds. Fiber optic service currently offers uploads speeds of 1000+ megabits per second.
  • Installation and support is provided locally, by local companies employing local technicians.

What if I want to connect my house, can I do that?

  • Yes, this is possible depending on where you are located.  Contact us for an assessment.

What if I am in a multi-tenant building, can I save on cost?

  • Yes, special packages are available for multi-tenant buildings. Pricing and configuration will vary depending on the number of connections provided.

What are the costs?

  • Costs vary for every project. Please contact us for a quote for your specific requirements.

Can you build private fiber for my company?

  • Yes, we are design and installation experts with extensive experience building commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal fiber optic networks. Contact us to discuss your project. 


How fast is it really?

Examples below were taken using June 2018.

Example of a typical ADSL connection in Nelson.

DSL Speedtest

Example of an existing customer using fiber optics.

Fiber Speedtest